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These photos were taken 1.5 days apart.

I know there are already a lot of “bloat happens!” photos going around, but I wanted to make my own after almost bursting into tears when I saw myself in the mirror the other night. 

On Thursday I went out drinking with friends. We consumed a lot of alcohol and a lot of greasy, fried food. This was after a couple weeks of eating mostly junk food, as we were in exam week hell and all stress eating a lot. When I got home that night, I went to change into my pajamas and my stomach popped out like a huge balloon. I started to panic. Have I really gained that much weight without realizing it?! I know I’ve been slacking on my healthy lifestyle, but come on! I took a photo - the photo on the left - to see if I really looked as big on camera as I thought I did in the mirror. I did. I tried not to cry, and decided to wait and see if it was just bloat.

Well, that was a good call. The photo on the right was taken this morning, Saturday, when I woke up. After 1.5 days of eating relatively healthy and drinking an adequate amount of water, the bloat was gone. I couldn’t believe the difference. I mean, I know we all know that people get bloated, but I look 15 pounds lighter at least! And it’s not just my stomach - my butt looks less swollen, and though you can’t see it, I’m pretty sure my arms look leaner too. 

So the next time you’ve had an unhealthy day, or week ,or month, and you feel like you’ve gained a ton of weight and ruined all your hard work - don’t panic. At least some, if not all of it, is just bloating! It’s normal, and it will go away. 

(Side note: Notice that my posture is also better in the second photo! Good posture is an instant fix for feeling and looking a bit leaner. Give it a try!) 










This year I’m gonna work on self discipline



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hilary is so pretty x


Whelp Nailed that one


No more binging. Done with being miserable all the time.

Hi there! I'm Colleen from the Philippines, I decided to create this blog to share my day to day life with everyone through posting pictures, texts and etc. so follow me and enjoy watching my interesting life on the web.

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